Tips for Regular Skaters

Here are some tips and tricks for skaters to get the most out of their gear, and themselves, to enhance comfort and performance on track.


Graphic taken from WellLife Personalized Fitness blog post.

Graphic taken from WellLife Personalized Fitness blog post.

Obviously how you lace up your skates can have a huge effect on your comfort, but it can also affect performance. Many people will be familiar with the uncomfortable experience of completely numbing your toes and part of your feet by lacing your skates too tight, and some (like me!) may have experienced the utterly baffling feeling of sudden soreness and rubbing from boots that were broken in months previously, to discover that lace bite is the culprit.

Whatever your personal issue is with getting your boots to fit just right, you may well find some useful advice on these websites:
Shoe Lacing Methods on Ian’s Shoelace Site
Lacing Techniques on Swift 2 Feet


Image taken from Rollers & Revellers

Image taken from Rollers & Revellers

Wheel Combos & Configs

If you haven’t already, check out Minx Pie’s Lead Jammer article on Wheels, which you’ll find here on this website.  It covers everything you need to know including durometer, widths, diameters, hubs and grooves.

If you’re looking at switching your wheel set-up around to try to make a durometer mix work for you, then check out the advice on Rollers & Revellers about pusher setups.






How to Spot Concussion

head fallElektra Q-Tion goes into detail on this better than I can in her blog post: Head Trauma Policy










For improving your balance.
For nailing those crossovers.
For building core strength.

Roller Derby Athletics is a good place to find workouts to enhance your game.

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