Tips & Tricks


Photograph courtesy of Gradient Photography

On the two sub-pages of this section, you’ll find some guidance and ideas that may help you in various ways in your derby career.

They’re roughly separated into two categories, one for those considering Roller Derby, or just starting, with little knowledge of the sport, and the other for more seasoned skaters, which will still be relevant to Fresh Meat, because, let’s face it, everyone likes to take the Roller Derby bull by the horns when they start, leading to instant gear upgrades, hitting the gym, and the occasional injury.

So check out both sections, and let me know if there is anything that you’d like to see added to either one.

New & Potential Skater Tips
Tips for Regular Skaters

We occasionally have people of certain trades who are desperate to commit to the sport, but concerned about how a possible injury might affect their ability to earn a living.  If this sounds like you, then you could consider personal sports insurance. Both DOGTAG & DareDirect cover Roller Derby, so it may be worth you checking them out.  Please note that Northamptonshire Roller Derby League has no dealings with these companies, so cannot actively recommend their services, we are simply aware that they offer cover for the sport.