Reasons I go to practice (even when I think I don’t want to)

It’s cold and it’s raining. I’m tired and I’ve had a stressy day at work. Now remind me, why would I want to strip down to my shorts and make a long, damp journey to be hit by girls and fall on my ass?

1. To see my amazing friends, because why would I want to spend the evening in the company of the TV when I could see their lovely faces instead?

2. Because my boyfriend won’t thank me for skipping practice. We both know if I don’t go I’ll spend all evening sulking then proceed to be unnecessarily grumpy until I skate again.

3. Because if I don’t go something awesome will happen and I’ll miss it. It could be someone soaring over the apex wonder-woman-style, or it could be someone turning up to practice in a onsie, moustache and pirate hat for no apparent reason, or even better, it could be sharing the moment someone sees weeks of hard work come to fruition and perform their first perfect, beautiful plow stop with a screech of wheels that tugs at your heart and brings a small tear of joy to your eye.

4.  Because I’ll miss learning that new strategy, the one with weird-ass name that sounds like something that could be illegal in certain American states.

5. Because recently I’ve spent every spare moment of track time begging anyone with an ear to let me practice my hip checks on them, and maybe today they need me to do something for them.

6. Because I can still flake out in front of the TV in my jammies with the world’s biggest mug of hot chocolate. But later, after practice, when I can feel smug about it.

7. Because if I don’t go, who’s going to provide the shoulder slams to get my girl through the pack of doom? And what’s my trailer going to do without her truck?

8. Because I’ve worked too damn hard on these thighs of steel to let them spend all night spreading gently over the sofa like melted cheese on toast.

9. Because for some reason playing roller derby takes all my fears and anxieties and lack of self confidence and squashes them flat, splat! Like a bug. And I know that if I go to practice tonight I’ll be a happier person tomorrow.

10. Because…because… actually I do want to go! Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me, I need to go to practice.

AbominabaLily #11

Abominabalily #11


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