Upcoming Taster Courses

Our next 3 taster courses are on 13th July – 12th October – 4th January – To book onto a course please email with your name & shoe size(if you require skate hire) Northamptonshire Roller Derby are running a 12 week Roller Derby taster course for people to learn skating skills […]

The Importance of NSOs

A quick glance through the websites and Facebook pages of every Roller Derby league will tell you that they welcome Non-Skating Officials. I can tell you that this is an understatement! More than likely they are crying out, begging and auctioning off their firstborns for NSOs.   A large part of this is that most […]

A Guide to Wheels 1

What should I Wheely be looking for? I LOVE wheels, like any good skate equipment deficiency syndrome (SEDS) sufferer I could talk about them all day! I’ve recently cut back and tried to streamline my collection so I only have about five sets currently. I’ve compiled some information on the basic things to consider when […]

(Derby) Life Begins at 40 2

Never did I imagine that at the ripe old age of 40 I would find, and begin to play, any sport let alone Roller Derby. Though I roller and ice skated as a kid, my roller derby journey begins with the obligatory viewing of ‘Whip It!’ and thinking to myself ‘that looks like so much […]