Joining Us


So you’re interested in the awesome sport of Roller Derby… we couldn’t be happier to hear it!

Northamptonshire Roller Derby aim to welcome you with open arms, regardless of ANYTHING you’ve convinced yourself might get in the way of your new hobby – If you are aged 18+ that’s all we need (and we’re aiming to start a junior team for those that don’t fit that category too!).

Contact us for information on when we will next be accepting in new members.

You don’t need to be able to skate – we can teach you that…
You don’t need ANY kit – we can lend you everything you need until you get your own…
You don’t need to be fit or athletic – that will come naturally in time…
You can be ANY size or shape – small and skinny are excellent jammers, and as for blockers, ‘the bigger the ass, the harder to pass!’ (for the record, NRD boasts both with pride!)…
You’re NOT too old – yes, some of our league members are on the young side of 18+, but lots are on the wrong side of 30, and a few are over 21… the second time around!
You don’t need to be fully able-bodied – if you have a disability or medical condition that you’re concerned may prevent you from experiencing Roller Derby, please contact us to discuss it, and we will try our very best to make sure that we can accommodate you. We haven’t turned anyone away yet!…
You don’t need to know how to play – few people ever do when they first come along!…
I’d rather not even mention stuff like race, sexual orientation and gender identity, because they are all so completely irrelevant to your ability to be involved in our fair sport, but now that I have mentioned them, be assured that they affect nothing in our eyes.
You WILL fit in – we cater for ALL personalities. Yes a few of us have tattoos, piercings, crazy coloured hair and a love of rock music, but a lot of us also prefer a quieter lifestyle with vanilla skin and the hair colour God gave us! Our skaters’ occupations range from students, to officer workers, to accountants, engineers, and full-time Mums.
We PROMISE that you’ll fit in not just somewhere, but everywhere, as it’s all about the love of skating!…
and if none of your friends want to start with you –  that’s their loss! Come along, see how friendly and welcoming we are, and they’ll be wanting to join you on your second session!

There’s a few different roles to choose from, depending on which way you’d like to get involved;

Women’s team skaters:

If you’d like to come along to practice with the women’s teams mid-week in Northampton, contact us on, or via the ‘Contact Us‘ page.


Referees (skating) & Non-Skating Officials (NSOs):

We’re also always looking for referees (Derby referees need to be able to skate as well as the players, but we can teach you that), and if you’d like to be involved with the sport and our league, but don’t feel up to strapping on skates, then consider becoming a Non-Skating Official.

We’re always on the lookout for all of the above, as well as volunteers for events and, of course, sponsors! If you feel like you want to be involved in any of the above ways, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us to let us know if you’re stopping by!

If you don’t want to be the only less experienced attendee at an NRD practice session, then keep checking our website as NRD regularly holds Taster courses to recruit and train fresh meat to the team!

Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of when we hold Courses: 

Check out our Newbie Testimonials if you’re thinking of coming along, and you’ll see it’s not such a scary prospect after all!

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