Charities & Fundraising

Supported Charities

Since it’s inception, NRDL has helped to fundraise and raise awareness for the following charities and organisations:

The Kind Campaign.

British Heart Foundation.

NANNA – Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption.

Join In local sport.

Sport Relief.

Women’s Try Sport/WSnet.

International Women’s Day.


Northamptonshire Roller Derby League is skater-run and skater-funded.  Skater’s monthly fees are used almost exclusively to pay for venue hire, an annual membership fee covers insurances and the money to host an open bout comes from the ticket sales for that bout. This leaves very little extra for things including maintenance costs of our spare kit (this is kit that we lend to new skaters who are just starting out), subsidising travel expenses to away games and advertising and promotion of our league to appeal to new members.  The money to cover these extra expenses comes from fundraising, and league members are always trying to think of new fundraising ideas to help sustain the continued growth of this little family that we have built.  We know that the existence of the league has helped a number of women find a place that they can go to for support and camaraderie that they otherwise would not have had, please help us to continue to make this possible by supporting our fundraising efforts.

A word from one of our existing members:

Roller Derby has helped me progress out of my depression. I’ve learnt to not be so critical of myself, it’s ok to fall over (physically and emotionally) and have challenged myself and pushed myself to do things when I thought I’d fail; learning that if you try you surprise yourself of what your capable of. The women that make up the team have been an ENORMOUS support; I’ve never known such supportive, yet fierce women in all of my life. They rallied me on when I thought I couldn’t, and hugged me tight when I cried. They’ve helped me more than they’ll ever know; they inspire me to be a better, bolder version of myself every time I practice with them.

If you have a fundraising opportunity that you feel we would benefit from, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on

You can also make a donation to the League via PayPal by clicking here: 

Becoming a Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the league or the travel team, Northampton Shoetown Slayers, please contact us on