The Importance of NSOs

A quick glance through the websites and Facebook pages of every Roller Derby league will tell you that they welcome Non-Skating Officials. I can tell you that this is an understatement! More than likely they are crying out, begging and auctioning off their firstborns for NSOs.   A large part of this is that most […]

A Guide to Wheels 1

What should I Wheely be looking for? I LOVE wheels, like any good skate equipment deficiency syndrome (SEDS) sufferer I could talk about them all day! I’ve recently cut back and tried to streamline my collection so I only have about five sets currently. I’ve compiled some information on the basic things to consider when […]

(Derby) Life Begins at 40 2

Never did I imagine that at the ripe old age of 40 I would find, and begin to play, any sport let alone Roller Derby. Though I roller and ice skated as a kid, my roller derby journey begins with the obligatory viewing of ‘Whip It!’ and thinking to myself ‘that looks like so much […]

Refs Are Human

If you missed issue #7 of Lead Jammer magazine, then you missed Pulp Friction’s article on respecting your referees… catch up here! Refs Are Human! To us lowly amateur derby girls and guys, refs can sometimes seem pretty intimidating, they are the big kids in the schoolyard pushing the rest of us around, keeping us […]