Featured Skater – Thunder Kaz

Photograph copyright of Gradient Photography

Photograph copyright of Gradient Photography

Thunder Kaz #47

Welcome to our Featured Skater section.
This month it’s me!…

FAVOURITE POSITION: Usually I’m jammer, but I do also really like blocking in any position really, it’s all good!

DERBYVERSARY: August 2011.

MOTTO: Skate fast, get through the pack, get lead.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Coloured tights, pink & purple hair.

LIKES: Skating! purple and turquoise, heavy music, movies, crime novels, tattoos, burgers, pet rats, Apple, shopping, fixing things, spa days, days spent with my husband and daughter.

DISLIKES: Running, most other sports, yellow and orange, classical music, tomatoes, animal cruelty, Microsoft, rush hour.

INJURIES SUSTAINED: Nothing serious, just plenty of minor bruises on my arms and legs as I bruise quite easily, and the occasionally whopper of a bruise on my hip or bum in the early days!

FAVOURITE DERBY MOMENT: So far… being on track at a public bout for the first time. It was the first time I’d played against girls from a team other than my own, and I was jammer for my track debut. On the jam line waiting for that whistle I was terrified, but once the whistle blew, everything just fell in to place and seemed totally natural.
I didn’t get lead, but the other jammer was forced to call off the jam at 0-0 after I passed her, and I came off track pretty pleased with myself!
Since then though, every moment where I achieve something I’ve aimed for, or manage to do something that I couldn’t before, is a favourite derby moment!

HIDDEN TALENT: Skate-related, backwards skating is my party trick… off track, I’m an engineer, so computers are my thing, oh, and websites too… if you hadn’t already noticed 🙂

IDOLS: Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fray, River Tam… are you spotting the theme here? Oh, & the team that invented Portal.

DERBY CRUSHES: Viki Vale & Candy Grrl.
But don’t tell them! It’ll go to their heads! 😉

FAVOURITE ANNOUNCERS: Rolls Voyce, without doubt! Just cos of the way he shouts my name!

WHY I SKATE: I don’t even really know what first drew me to skate, I just know that I’ve never been good at sport in general, and so never liked any of it, but skating was somehow always different, almost like it was my calling, so I went with it.
That coupled with teammates like mine… why would I NOT skate?