Featured Skater – Sugar Hits

Sugar Hits  #1922

Sugar Hits #1922

Photograph copyright of Gradient Photography

Welcome to our Featured Skater section.
This month we get sweet with Sugar Hits…

FAVOURITE POSITION:  Upright on track! I think I’m going to favour being a blocker on the inside line.

DERBYVERSARY:  January 9th 2012

MOTTO: It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, we just played Roller Derby! 😀

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS:  Big arse ;D can usually make a joke out of everything, some tattoos and usually some skulls about my person.

LIKES: Skating, laughing, swearing, all my offspring, Red Dwarf, my close friends, make up fx, music, films, skulls, gargoyles, sleeping, the hope of travelling the world, tattoos, skating, gadgets, technology, black, Silver, blue! Buying make up, skating, shoes, handbags, snow, sea, paranormal, the bizarre, my lovely fellow skaters =) and my hubby for all the encouragement and support he gives me..and sorting my kit out <3 !

DISLIKES:  Whingers, divas, back-stabbers, rude customers… or rude anyone! other road users, liars,spitting, not skating, RnB, Marti Pellow (with a passion), being bored, Heart FM, Slimy critters, lack of sleep, birthdays (had too many now), rain, wind (any form), being late (always seem to be), the dogs next door as they are howling as I write this….and so, so many more….

INJURIES SUSTAINED:   Cracked ankle with torn ligaments, shit loads of bruises and a literal pain in the arse (cheeks) that won’t go away! More recently, a torn calf muscle to add to the list!

FAVOURITE DERBY MOMENT: Watching my first scrim and really realising I want to be a part of this!! Followed soon after by passing minimum skills and being picked for the team 😀

HIDDEN TALENT:  Some say it’s my special fx make up….

IDOLS:   I don’t really do idols but Adam Ant is a long standing one..and maybe Wolverine..!

FAVOURITE ANNOUNCER:  Twis-ted Miister / Rolls Voyce

DERBY CRUSHES:   Unless this means being fell on, on track, then I don’t have crushes…I do have a lot of admiration for a number of the Slayers though =)

WHY I SKATE:  I’ve always loved skating and have been searching for years for somewhere to skate again..my family and friends may even say ‘obsessed’! I love the freedom of it, the speed, fitness and since discovering Derby the game and the skills it brings…I hope to be good at it one day! =D