Featured Skater – Minx Pie

Photograph copyright of Gradient Photography

Photograph copyright of Gradient Photography

Minx Pie #314

Welcome to our Featured Skater section.
This month’s rollergirl to grace the page is team President, Minx Pie…

FAVOURITE POSITION: Pivot or blocker. I jam in practice but that rarely turns out well!

DERBYVERSARY: 1st June 2010, the day we started 🙂

MOTTO: “The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle.” ~Author Unknown

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: I have a brown stripe in one of my eyes!

LIKES: Bacon, cake, foam rollers!


INJURIES SUSTAINED: Severely sprained my ankle, bruises galore and I did something funny to my thumb before my first bout jumping over a suitcase.

FAVOURITE DERBY MOMENT: My favourite derby moment is the first jam of a bout, everyone is on the track. the whistles blows, and a calmness just happens because everything is done and whatever will be, will be!


IDOLS: My teammates & Bonnie Tyler!

DERBY CRUSHES: I don’t bother with Derby crushes, all the idolising has been a let down mostly when I meet them!

FAVOURITE ANNOUNCERS: Rolls Voyce of course!

WHY I SKATE: because 8 wheels are better than none!